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Michael Whaley's design sensibility is glamorous, elegant, luxurious, and classic.

Michael Whaley's design philosophy is that everything we have should be beautiful, and that our homes should be harmonious and integrated. He says, "For me, design is not about being current or trendy. I prefer to create design that is classic, comfortable, inviting and enduring."

Albert Hadley has said that great design is a reflection of a passionate and cultivated taste.

For Michael Whaley the job of the designer is to provide the knowledge that allows the client to enjoy the benefits of experience and cultivated taste. It the job of the designer to take a project above and beyond a client's imagining while creating a house that reflects the client, so that they can be comfortable, proud and delighted.

Michael Whaley thinks a great designer is more than just a talented person with good taste; he is an artist. He brings knowledge of design principles, new ideas, interesting and unusual sources, and the ability to bring unity to an array of complex challenges.

Michael Whaley Interiors, Inc.   Michael Whaley Interiors, Inc.
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Michael Whaley Interiors Inc., founded by world-class NYC interior designer and interior decorator Michael Whaley, is a New York City, NY-based home interior design and decorating company offering professional home interior design and interior decoration services for clients in the greater NYC metro area including Westchester County, Fairfield County, The Hamptons, the Upper East and West Side of Manhattan, Soho, Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan, Connecticut and vacation home interior design services for clients in Vero Beach and Palm Beach, Florida and the U.S. West Coast.
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